Sunday, August 14, 2011

Son of a Bench, I finally did it!

Finally, I conquered my procrastination project of the Summer (almost in time for Fall)! Here's my poor neglected potting bench. Sadly, this looks pretty darn good compared to how it looked before I washed it. It was receiving no love at all...well, the bugs and mice in the storage shed loved it...for far too long.

Here's the 'After'. All fresh and new, cost under $25.

I gave it two coats of an outdoor deck/fence stain (Behr brand stain/paint). I chose an outdoor wood paint because, well... the bench is outside. Plus, this stuff is supposed to last 8 years and stand up to a beating. Let's hope it lives up to its claim!

This didn't take very long to complete since the stain covered so well. I used a roller and had it completely painted in about 2 hours - including making these easy holders with chalk board paint.

This is an old 3 compartment wood box we had layin' around in the shed, also sadly neglected (see the theme here? I'm ashamed).

Painted all over with leftover bench stain & then taped off in three sections.

Slathered on chalkboard paint with sponge brush. Chalkboard paint $7 from local craft store.

Stripped the tape off, let dry.

Did the same thing on $1 yellow metal buckets from our favorite 'French' retail mega chain!

Here are a bunch of potting bench plans (free plan downloads & instructions), if you want to build your own.

These are also really neat ideas- re purposing materials to make a potting bench. Some use dressers, desks, windows and doors... you get the idea.

Here's one made from wood pallets, via Mishaps in the Making.

Pic from The Micro Gardener blog, they used an old window and table. They also have great ideas on re purposed planters!

Furniture items often take up a huge amount of space in landfill but when refashioned into useful items are far more environmentally friendly.

Here's a workbench turned potting bench (by CasaSugar)- love it!


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