Friday, July 22, 2011

True Colors! (Montessori Knock Off)

This is kind of a Montessori Knock off idea....because I really loved this set of wood colored pencil holders (below) from Montessori Services.  $74.00.

Idea is to sort/separate colors and offer them to your child this way. Once again, a bit pricey and it didn't include crayon storage.  Plus, I shuddered  thinking about how my toddler would knock them all over in one systematic blow.

So, I looked around and found one blogger who did something similar- using small cans screwed  to a board (now, that's more like it). This image below is from MomsCraftySpace blog.  

But, this didn't include colored pencil storage.

So, here's what I came up with  to accommodate both pencils and crayons (finished product)...cost $9.

I used ...*brace yourself*...clear, plastic breast milk storage containers to hold the colored pencils on the back row. They don't say 'breast milk' on them  and they just look like standard liquid containers...right...right? What else was I going to use them for?

I also used Delmonte metal fruit cups (my hubby likes these in his lunch) for the crayons in the front row. Yes, I was impatient & dumped 4 into a large Tupperware at once...I couldn't wait for my husband to bring each one home empty! You gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, when I have a project on my mind...look out! I cleaned them out, used WD40 to remove the sticker residue & then I spray painted them.

I had many of the spray paint colors already, but had to buy 3 at $3 each (short cut bottles). I applied about two coats each. After they dried I sealed with a glossy clear acrylic spray. Any friends need some spray paint, let me know!

I had a leftover board from the craft room shelving that fit perfectly. I super glued the clear containers on with Fusion (that stuff is strong). I like it because it's a non-foam glue and dries clear. I screwed the metal cans on, two short screws per can. I also placed colored sticks between each can. The sticks aren't glued on... it's just fun for my girl to match them with the cans.

Another idea for the crayon storage would be to use lids from spray paint cans. They are already colored and are about the right size. You might be able to snag them for free from painting companies or hardware stores. I love this recycling idea. You could also use larger cans to hold the colored pencils too. Lots of options!

While we're talkin' bout color. Here's a tray activity we did recently. Using water droppers to color water and transfer water. The biggest part was learning how the dropper picks up water and also releases it with the same squeezing motion. This took a few times for her to master because she was so excited that she just wanted to stir.

Another fun and easy one is a color sort, fine motor. Picking up colored beads and putting them in the coordinating mini-basket. Plastic chip/dip tray and dollar store baskets/beads.


Anonymous said...

I love the storage idea (I might try empty spice containers for colored pencil holders), thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic! - Anna

Missis Jodie said...

Do you mostly create for this blog or maybe for any other Internet networks?

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone. I do some guest blogging at a few places, but this is my main spot. I've been slow to post updates as we have added another family member! :) HeyDayLiving

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