Friday, July 8, 2011

Tarnished Reputation

A procrastinated project no more...woot-woot!

BEFORE: Tarnished Silver
These particular silver pieces have been tarnishing away for the last 8+ years...needless to say, I haven't been caring for them. I wore them constantly when they were all shiny, but when they started to dazzle less, I moved on. Heartless!

Well, it's also kinda because I had a baby & wearing necklaces and dangly earrings didn't work out for us. Time to clean 'em up & wear them once again.

I wanted to find something cheap (free), non-abrasive and without the scary chemicals.

So I found this science trick that some antique dealers and jewelers use too.

Supplies you need:
tin foil
baking soda
hot water

Line dish with aluminum foil.

Put your silver pieces on the aluminum.

Heat enough water (almost boiling) to fill the container and cover whatever you place on foil. 

Mix about 1/2 cup of baking soda with the hot water in a large, heat-proof measuring cup.

Pour over your items.  Sprinkle in a teaspoon of salt.

DO NOT use this method for jewelry that has precious stones.

The aluminum with the other stuff will trigger a chemical reaction. You will smell rotten eggs (sulphur...P-U!) don't hang over it with your mouth open.  Yum.

You might even notice fine flakes of sulphur floating in the water. Let sit for a few minutes, flip over jewelry/stir and let sit a couple more minutes.

Remove and rinse with soap & water, dry off. Repeat if needed.

All shiny & new again! *insert cheesy 80's love song, 'Almost Paradise'.


Did you know that many companies will not disclose the chemicals they use in their cleaning products? Say what? NY is making it a law for companies to disclose this info, yet some still refuse. Scared? You should be.

Did you know there are legitimate studies that have linked household cleaning products to serious health problems?

Read this story on MSNBC. Yike. chloroform, benzene and formaldehyde?! Hey, but your counters are, um...

If you can't afford the 'green cleaners', then you can easily make your own. You can get your house just as clean with baking soda & vinegar. If you want to sterilize, use hydrogen peroxide (click the link for info).

You can jazz up with fresh lemon or essential oils if you want  your cleaning products to smell. I personally love lavender when cleaning and also essential orange oil (a few drops is all it takes).

For EASY, CHEAP natural cleaning recipes, check out these resources (click links):

  Good article by Earth Justice on this topic as well. 

Happy cleaning everyone (if this is even possible?)! 

Do you use green or homemade cleaners? What is your favorite? Comment & share!


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