Thursday, July 7, 2011

Textsure You Wanna Do this?

If you can't handle not read this post!

Art is a great way to engage with your child. Today, we learned about textures. With paint, lots of permanent paint.

You can really use just about anything for texture painting. Potato (we used one whole and then cut it in half), sponges, bubble wrap, rim of plastic cup, an assortment of brushes, plastic bags, bristle blocks, get the idea. Here's what we used...

I took a large archival canvas (30x40), but any size canvas or even paper will do.

I sectioned off my canvas so that only one panel could be painted on. My idea is that she'll paint a new panel each year for the next 5 years. I think it will be interesting to see how her painting style develops each year - each panel  dated & all together on one canvas.

I used acrylic paint because I want to preserve on canvas. I offered her one color of paint at a time and one texture instrument at a time. We sat right down on our hardwood floors (yep, I'm a rebel) and went to town.

Totally not kidding when I mentioned the 'messy part'. But hey, is it really art if it isn't a bit messy?

When my girl was an infant, I covered her butt and hands with watercolors and made imprints on watercolor paper...when she was a bit older, I painted her feet and helped her walk walk across canvas that I had previously painted a solid color. I love to get her hand prints often on her artwork, even if it's just her way to sign and date it on the back.

There are so many neat ideas - don't be afraid to get messy!

A simple & quick cleanup (if you do it right away). Fill the sink with a lil' water and see what color the water turns as you're washing the paint from hands.

My favorite sources for toddler art ideas: The Library & talking to art teachers!

Also, The Toddler Busy Book (I found this at a thrift store, but it's on Amazon too!) and The Big Messy Art Book!

I also love the Artful Parent blog. They have so many great art ideas for kids, check them out!

If you want a REAL adventure, host a toddler painting party!!


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