Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Easy Suncatchers

We love suncatchers around here. This blog post is going to be short, but sweet.

We took our pony beads (get at WalMart pretty cheap) and put a single layer of them in a muffin tin and a pie pan. These are pans we use only for art.

We then melted them on the grill. We didn't do it inside because the smell of burning plastic...ewe.

On the grill (325 ish) for about 10-15 minutes. Let them cool (don't be alarmed by the cracking noises, it's just the plastic setting/shrinking from the pan).
 Hang to enjoy! You can drill holes, or loop string through any openings you find. We made several of these and plan to give a few as gifts! So much fun.

If you want to see fancier sun catchers and other artful ideas, check out the Artful Parent!

Monday, September 10, 2012

To Pee around a Tee Pee?

So I really wanted to make a garden tee pee this year. You know, with morning glories and green beans, fun project for the girl.
Here's a great image of one that sold me...

We planted in the Spring with green bean sprouts that we germinated. They were going great, that is until..deer came and ate the majority of them overnight! My girl was really upset. She had tended to the plants all Spring and half of the Summer, only to have them disappear overnight.
Luckily, the Morninglory's that we planted really took off fast & we were able to add more fairly quickly.
Here's the status of our tee pee now...
I'm really hoping it will fill in more before it gets too cold to get inside and enjoy.
We used 6ft. bamboo poles and we speng maybe 2 hours setting it up. This is so easy to do & it's something you can do with small kids.
The fun part was adding the string (and ribbon) around the tee pee for the vines to climb & then checking on them each day. It's amazing what grows overnight!
Ehow has a great tutorial on how to put one together. A great idea for kiddos and so fun to hang out in and harvest too!
We did enjoy a handful of green beans from the tee-pee, we ate them outside frsh off of the vine...they are better that way, says the girl.
Now, the title of this post is a bit odd, no? A neighbor told us to put urine or human hair in a parameter around the tee pee to ward off deer. many questions about this one.