Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Key to Kindness

I don't know about you, but we have  a lot of random keys in our credenza drawer, a few in the junk drawer and even some extra on our key chains.
What do these extra keys actually unlock (no idea), where the heck did they come from (not sure) and most importantly, what do we do with them now?

One of our random piles of keys

Over the years, they've schlepped along with us from our parent's houses, to our multiple apartments, to our first homes, second homes, multiplying relentlessly ...to here.

Check out these great ideas to help lighten your key load and free up some space, all while doing 'good' for people and the earth.

Keys of Kindness is a charity that donates all proceeds to finding the cure for MS. You just mail your keys to them and they recycle the metal - using the profits for their good work!

Key for Hope is also another charity, donating money to local food pantries. You can expense the postage, it's charity!

You can also call your local recycling center and ask them, most will recycle metal.  If you want to recycle anything and find a location near you, check out Earth911.com. You just type what you want to recycle, include your zip code and a location closest to you will pop up. How easy is that? This site is also a great resource for environmental news overall.

Lastly, I love this idea! Take the few keys you remember and frame/date them! Your first apartments, first homes together...you get the idea. Here's a completed one that turned out great (super easy and cheap to do)- from Apartment Therapy.

I plan to do this with a few, now if only I can remember which keys are which...


Lily said...

Great post! Thanks for the information and cute framework idea!

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