Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Art of Letting Go

Now that my girl is no longer a baby, I've been sorting through the mound of 'stuff' she has outgrown. Bummed that she's growing so fast and that these items, and the memories they hold, are fading. Sure, I've got a billion photos of her with these items, videos of the same...but it still doesn't seem like enough. These items are great 'memory joggers' and I love them.

I want to KEEP every last stained onesie, lonely sock and toy.

Not realistic. Sort of hoarder-ish.

I could almost accept this, if it weren't for the fact that I'm scared of completely tipping over the edge and not knowing it (you know... like saving hair, band-aids, teeth, fingernails) YIKE.

So, I thought of a better way to keep 'the stuff'. Turn it into an artful keepsake.

I took photos (and grabbed some from online) of favorite items we enjoyed during our first year.  I then arranged them into one graphic element:

Then, I played around in Photoshop editng the images into something I thought would make fun artwork for the wall. If you don't have Photoshop, you can use Pixlr or Picnic
(they are great, FREE online photo editing programs).
It's super easy too, you don't even have to dowload the software!

The possibilities are as endless as your time allowance.

A few final image ideas:

as framed artwork
have them printed on canvas
use as postcards/notecards
transfer them onto a tote/bag
add them to a scrap book/baby book

Happy Memory Keeping!


Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea! Now, to find all that baby stuff I've stocked away. :)

deerelora said...

Really excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I might have to do this one. We have are due with our second in April. I might have to make a onesie with this idea. thanks for the good idea. Oh & yes they do grow way too fast. Be happy, you seem to be cherishing every moment very well! :)

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