Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A (re)Purpose Driven Life

I like to recycle. Even better, I like to reuse and repurpose (meaning the stuff sticks around, just in another useful form).  One way I like to do this is by being all craf-tay.
We have a very small craft room, and I recently carved out a space for a recycle area. I took an old plastic storage tower we had lying around and put it to good use by jamming it in the last 2' of space and filling it with 'trash'. Yay, me! *sarcastic snort*

I made three little labels (Cardboard, Paper, Misc) and spray mounted them onto each drawer. I used a clip art recycle graphic for the labels and for a frame that sits on top of the bin.  I think the frame is really a nice directional for my husband, so he knows where to put things (if he dares to enter). Also, I vow if all bins are full...there shall be no overflow! We'll accept more ONLY when there's room. You hear me? Oh & I don't want any toilet paper rolls (ewe).

Lastly, I added an inspiration/idea wall above the recycle bin from some leftover cork squares. On this wall I display pictures of recycled craft ideas that I like.  I love the tin cans for herb pots/May Day gifts, jar votive, jar flower vases and candy holders, bird feeders and of course, all the cute kid projects (can't wait to try out the milk carton boats).

There are many sites that offer info on how to craft with recycled items, just Google.
Kaboose  is one my favorite such sites, they do a great  job with index/search by specific recycled item.  Also, Re-Nest is a favorite spot & they have a great list of 50 creative reuse ideas.

It doesn't take much skill, time or money (can be free) to create a recycle craft area in your home. This also teaches kids about recycling/repurposing & you'll have fun making crafts/gifts together!
p.s. for the last several years I've been trying to reuse/repurpose these metal buckets as used in our wedding (pics below). I've given them filled with cookies, muffins, flowers, birthday gifts, Halloween/Easter treats..anything and everything. I know  my friends and family will be VERY disappointed, BUT...

the LAST bucket leaves tomorrow, filled with baby gifts for a friend.


Elora said...

You are a huge inspiration! I love your blog <3

HeyDayLiving said...

Thank you Elora! :)

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