Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Garland

Here's an easy fall garland project we did the other day.
We went on a leaf hunt around the yard & spread them out on the counter.

To preserve them, I ironed them between two pieces of wax paper.

Carefully peel the paper to remove the leaves.

Here they are, all pressed and waxed.

Next, grabbed some ribbon and used glue to attach the leaves face down.

Hang and enjoy. If stored carefully, they will last for years!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover- Dollhouse Edition

My lil' girl will be turning 3 soon. I can hardly believe it. At this stage, she's loving to play with dollhouses. My kinda girl!

I found this lil' treasure on Craigslist for $30. What a FIND!
It was FULL of furniture too (more than shown in the picture)!

All it needed (okay, didn't really 'need', but I couldn't help myself) was a makeover. One that wouldn't cost much if anything at all. So, using mostly supplies already on hand...I got to work. Total project cost, including the dollhouse: $62.

Here's the BEFORE & AFTER of the dollhouse.

The cherry furniture was lovely,but I spray painted it all. Yep.
I covered the walls with craft paper (using spray adhesive).

Basically, I used everything I already had on hand - EXCEPT I did splurge on a new kitchen  $20, a cute little washing machine for $6 and some craft stickers $6. I just had to do it.
This dollhouse is for me too, you know.

 We love owls. This is the little girls room. I used craft paper for the walls, leftover fabric and some craft stickers. The bed and dresser were originally that cherry wood- but nothing a can of spray paint couldn't jazz up!
The living room. 
Craft paper walls, little craft silhouette stickers (I do not scrap book by the way).
Painted couch with zebra felt (used fabric glue to adhere). Painted chair with leftover fabric.
 I printed the chandelier image from the Internet, cut it out and glued it to the wall.
Spray painted fireplace. Fabric scrap rug. Craft paper walls.
The kitchen.
I used an old picture frame mat for the window (magazine cut out for the scene), painted table and chairs and craft paper for walls and floor. Printed out and glued 'Eat Together'  picture to the wall.

The laundry room (I wish I had for real).
Craft paper walls, parts of the old kitchen furniture painted and printed out laundry stickers for pictures. I just had to buy that lil' washing machine for $6. We are calling it our washing AND drying machine.

The bathroom.
Painted furniture, craft paper walls and a printed out picture- glued above the tub.

Spray painted bed and cabinet. Cardboard headboard with leftover fabric.
Leftover fabric for artwork. Craft paper walls.

Best part is watching my girl play with it.

There's nothing in here that I'm worried about getting broken or messed up (remember, we only paid $30 for it). If she wants to put the stove in the bathroom- sounds like an adventure to me! Sure, I spent some time on it- but it was fun for me to do. Plus, if things get messed up too badly, I'll always have these pictures to remember how things were!
Case in point. It was bath night for EVERYONE this night (including pets).  
Proud of her for conserving water!