Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That Felt Fun!

Felt is cheap, cheap, cheap at around 39 cents for an 8.5 x11 sheet.
I love to teach my toddler about numbers, colors, shapes and more using felt & she has fun with it too. Here's an easy and cheap project (NO SEW) that we did recently.

Ice Cream Color Matchup:
You'll need a variety of different colored felt pieces and one sheet of tan. Cut a cone shape, a scoop of ice cream and a circle out of card stock (or even regular paper) to use as your pattern. Trace the patterns on the felt and cut out. Use fabric glue to adhere the circles to the cones. DONE!

As you can see, little hands are ready to play with them!

You can put some Velcro tabs on the back of the ice cream shapes if you'd like. We use ours with the felt board hanging and on the ground (without Velcro) and they work fine without falling off.  
Playing color match!

You can easily cut numbers, shapes, food...the list goes on.
Also, Etsy has a great variety of felt collections, handmade by individual sellers (good deals).

Here are some FREE printable patterns for felt learning/games and other ideas:
ChildcareLand and DKL Teach. These two sites (along with Starfall are great resources for many learning activities and free printables).

We have a two sided felt board  that I picked up at church sale a while back (one side green and one side blue) - it hangs and folds, we use it nearly every day.

To make your own felt board, visit this link- DIY Network. This is pretty simple as it consists of wrapping felt around a board and securing.


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