Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrifty, Easter, Egg-cetera!

Our thrifty Easter table
Easter is one holiday where you can get away with decorating all 'frilly' and nobody will gag or roll their eyes, right...right? (at least I think this to be true). 

Several months ago, while at a thrift store (scouting for wood frames), I found cute planters (a bunny and lamb) for $1.28 each. I discovered that they're vintage Shawnee planters, worth anywhere from $20-$50 each. Cool. Once again, I tout the advantages of shopping thrift stores for certain things. If you're scared to be seen rummaging, wear shades and a fake stache (so worth it).

We planted dwarf zinnias and pansies from seeds we started two weeks prior. Fun project and perhaps a tradition with these lil' guys. Love real green as part of a festive table display (grass, herbs, plants and flowers). 

Thrift store bunny, pillow sham and plastic yellow  teacups ($5)
 I'm not really one for giant Easter trees with egg ornaments, mounds of jelly beans (does anyone eat these?), fake grass, big froo-froo baskets, egg wreaths, bunny flags and the like (but I DO admire those who deck it out). It's just too much work for me- plus, if I add one more bin to our storage room my husband will invest in cliff-repelling gear or a new place to live.
...but I do think this arrangement is fun!

DIY, Peeps - fun & festive. Love the color combo. Easy enough.
Teacups used with simple flowers for Spring and Summer are great (especially grouped together). I think this makes for pretty Easter decor (thrift stores have lots of unique teacups for cheap).

 Now, let's talk EGGS!
How beautiful and simple is this display from Maaaahhh-tha? (Martha Stewart if you didn't understand my 'uppity pronunciation').  Marbleized eggs are apparently cheap and easy to do. Read the simple instructions HERE. We're going to try these for sure.

Also, Kid's Activities Net has a GREAT list & easy instructions on several different ways to decorate Easter eggs! I like their dyed with rubber band and bubble wrap ideas and the crayon resist method.  This site also has instructions on how to dye your eggs naturally and even ideas on what to do with your eggs afterward. These methods are cheap, fun and unique.

Here's a great idea, especially if you are having an egg decorating party & want to reuse egg cartons. Free labels for egg cartons, click here. You can print them on adhesive paper, or print on regular paper and use spray mount or tape!
These are great too. Free print out tags you can tie to baskets or bags! Click here to print them for free!

Fun and free Easter crafts and coloring sheets at DKL and DKL Bible .

Lastly, can't forget what Easter is truly about! Visit:  Peter, move your cotton tale aside for more free Easter coloring sheets, activities, reading ideas and treats.

God Bless!


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