Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Easy Suncatchers

We love suncatchers around here. This blog post is going to be short, but sweet.

We took our pony beads (get at WalMart pretty cheap) and put a single layer of them in a muffin tin and a pie pan. These are pans we use only for art.

We then melted them on the grill. We didn't do it inside because the smell of burning plastic...ewe.

On the grill (325 ish) for about 10-15 minutes. Let them cool (don't be alarmed by the cracking noises, it's just the plastic setting/shrinking from the pan).
 Hang to enjoy! You can drill holes, or loop string through any openings you find. We made several of these and plan to give a few as gifts! So much fun.

If you want to see fancier sun catchers and other artful ideas, check out the Artful Parent!


Anonymous said...

You need to learn how to follow blog etiquette and credit your sources with a link back on your posts. I can't find back links on ANY of your posts saying where you got the ideas and no, it's not okay to say you just saw it online or on Pinterest somewhere. You need to cite your sources. Pinterest did not make those projects, hard working bloggers did. All of your content is ripped off of other bloggers. If you want to pretend you are a blogger,learn how to play by the rules and follow the rules the big girls use.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this anonymous poster needs some Zoloft. You need human being etiquette! We're talking pony beads so get a life!

HeyDayLiving said...

I have been making melted sun catchers since I was a kid. I am sorry if you were offended by this. Clearly this is a project you have done and posted about. To say that all of my content and projects are a rip off from other bloggers is untrue. What an ugly post by a person who clearly has too much time on her hands. source: A woman who doesn't need your approval or permission. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I really needed this laugh!! This is 2 funny!! I totally agree, it really isn't this serious! Just have a good time! Thanks for the laugh & the tips!!

Anonymous said...

My girls loved this! I remember making these when I was a kid but couldn't remember how. Thanks for ripping off this idea ;) haha just kidding. Couldn't help myself! Simple instructions and a good refresher for me.

Anonymous said...
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