Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Lips and Lots of Heart

Okay, so I love Valentine’s Day. I love decorating for it. I love fresh flowers too.These festive arrangements at & Martha Stewart really caught my eye.

I love the concept of conversation hearts with flowers, super cute.
However, $60.00 for floral arrangement is a bit ‘blue blood’ for my budget.
So, I thought I would try to make something similar for much less.

Here's how it turned out:
I would have really liked to find muted tulips for this, but I made do with what was available.
 I might refresh with different colors closer to V- Day

This is what I used:
- Two 9oz bags of  conversation heart candy ($5).  You can also use heart shaped red hots or other festive candy. You may use less or more depending on the size of your vase.
- One clear vase and smaller bud vase  (FREE, I already had these).
You can use any small container to set inside the vase (a drinking  glass or smaller bottle), just as long as it’s the same height and thinner than the vase. Also, Hobby Lobby has nesting vases for cheap ($2.99-$4.99).
- One bunch of purple and one bunch or dark pink tulips ($14.00)
You can use whatever kind of flower you like!

1. Fill your inner container half way with water
2. Cover the inner container top with saran wrap or foil, center in vase
3. Slowly pour your candy around the inner container until the vase is full
4. Remove the saran wrap
5. Band your flowers & cut
Cut your flowers at an angle with a sharp knife

6. Leaving the band on, put flowers in inner container & arrange to your liking.
You can carefully fold and tuck leaves under for more fullness, or leave them out.

This arrangement will last 7-10 days.
$20 for a fun & festive arrangement, plus you can reuse the conversation hearts next year (just keep them away from candy eaters). 


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