Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Missing Link

During my ‘Great Closet Cleanup’ I unearthed this ancient relic (circa 1985-88?).
It’s got a decent patina and it's a miracle that I still have it after all these years (I won't say decades. I just won't! Er, crud…I just did).
Somehow, I've managed to schlep this necklace between 1 childhood home, 7 apartments,
1 duplex, 1 loft, 3 adult homes and 3 states.

Do you remember when these friendship necklaces were a VERY big deal?  
They meant something.
They weren’t collected, worn in layers, overly traded or easily obtained.
These necklaces were highly regarded friend flair.
One necklace was split between two best friends and proudly worn and cherished by both. Once you had a best friend and were labeled as such, you couldn’t be best friends with anyone else. They were symbols of a great and true friendship that could NEVER be broken or forgotten.
That being said, who the heck has the other half of this old thing?  
I can maybe narrow it down to two or three people, I think.  KR,  RM or AT (for privacy reasons and reasons of potential embarrassment, I won’t spell out complete names).
How broken would I be if I find said owner, only to discover that they DIDN’T keep their half?
What if I've been replaced and they have a NEW best friend?  I don’t handle rejection well.  
I might just shine this lil’ gem up and wear it proudly.
I am my OWN best friend… wearing a missing link pendant, and likely a soon-to-be green neck.


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