Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Water Poof!

Here's a fun and easy project we did the other day. We had a leftover paper 'poof' or 'pouf'...or 'tissue ball', whatever you call them! I had picked up a variety colors package at a local craft store a while back (used the colored ones for bedroom decoration)... and we ended up with one  extra, lonely white one.

Oriental Trading Company sells them too. You could also make your own using tissue paper poof, there are lots of DIY tips online to be found.

Since these are made out of tissue paper, I thought using a dropper with water colors would be fun!
We love these water colors from Discount School Supply, they last forever (mix with water).
Use some droppers, any kind will do (medicine droppers too)!
Drop lightly on the paper and watch the color absorb/spread!

We weren't very patient, when finished painting- we dried ours with a hair dryer.
We then unfold the poof carefully & admired all the colors and patterns. My girl said something like "WHAT? Is this magic??"
We then continued to unfold & fluff. There were areas that tore easily because the tissue paper was so delicate, but we didn't mind!

We then attached ribbon and hung from the ceiling in the art room.

Next, we tried to use up the rest of the already poured water colors. These $1 water color pads at a local craft store (Joann's) are a fantastic value and they work great.

Some more dropper fun...a few small drops...


 Lots of fun!


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