Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back by 'Poplar' Demand! Chalk Doll House

I love a good doll house. My girl has been blessed with two of them. If you missed my first doll house makeover post, here it is...Extreme Home Makeover, as featured on Ohdeedoh/Apartment Therapy.

That is really her proper doll house, it gets a lot of play time. That's why I thought it would be 'okay' to do something different with the other doll house she has.

This little gem I found secondhand years before I was even married or had babies.

It reminded me so much of my then current house, a Cape Cod style house. It was on 'Poplar Drive' This is a picture  of my old house in Spring. I absolutely loved that Poplar tree!

Here's the inside of the doll house before, as you can see...I started painting the inside with chalkboard paint. They make all sorts of different colors of chalk board paint. However, in my opinion, only dark colors work well with chalk. So, it was going to be blue, purple or black. I settled on purple.

I did stencil on a few embellishments in white paint (chandelier, and a fancy emblem above the window).

As you can see, there will be an infinite number of design possibilities!!
Here, my girl draws on some curtains...

a mirror and rug in the bathroom...

she was loving to make rugs!

 Adding clocks, pictures, lamps (even a ceiling fan with a balloon stuck in it, just like home).

I made a simple eraser (that also holds the chalk when not in use) out of foam and fabric. Kind of like a mini pillow really.
Colored chalk would be fun too!
There is a lot of chalk dust, but isn't there always dust in a home remodel?



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