Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Title Says It Doll

I haven't posted in quite a while, so I'm playing a little catch up by posting older projects we've done!  My girl was gifted an 18" doll for birthday (and one for Christmas), so I thought it would be great for her to have some furniture and extra clothing for them.

The American Girl furniture is so nice, but way out of our budget!
I found these gems at a thrift store. An old bathroom cabinet, a foot stool and some doll chairs.
I spent under $20 on all pieces.

I was then gifted some wicker doll furniture from a friend, so I used those as well. 
Here's the AFTER picture (below).
 I used spray paint, stencil on the stool/table (Zinnias sold at Hobby Lobby), an adhesive mirror (sold at Hobby Lobby), new drawer pulls (found at Hobby Lobby).
I also used an old candle holder and a wood circle to make the dessert stand.

and my favorite part, AWESOME fabric for cushions and a pillow
(from sara jane studios, she has such LOVELY and fun fabric collections)!
Kids at Play, cutest ever!
Then, on to make some outfits. This ruffle thing WAS my daughters old baby swimsuit
(and baby shoe) turned into a dress and purse. I think the shoe still looks like a shoe, but my girl was thrilled with it as a purse & that's all that matters!
Here, I simply took an old sleeve (bell style) from a velvet shirt and used fabric glue to attach the shiny silver fabric for tying.No sewing, no zippers, buttons or velcro! Seriously took 10 minutes.
I took an old terry cloth hoodie/jacket and made it look like a bathrobe and towel for hair.
I basically just cut and added velcro, that's it.

There are LOTS of inspirational sites for creating your own doll clothing out there.
Doll Diaries is an amazing site with many tutorials on how to make many things for your 18-19" dolls.

American Girl Doll Play is also a wonderful DIY site. Check out this sweet lemonade stand they give instructions for (image belongs to American Girl Doll Play)!


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