Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mud Pies!

Ah, the culinary art of making mud pies!

If you haven't done this - you haven't lived!

Yes, it's messy...but the fun and memory making is oh so worth it.

I thought it was high time I passed on this culinary skill to my toddler. I spend a fair amount of time gardening and on yard work, so this is a perfect 'busy' activity for her to do while I'm doin' stuff nearby as well.

So, here's what I came up with. I repurpossed an unused storage container.

I used a black sharpie and a red paint pen to transform it into a stove/oven. To make the circles, I traced around a yogurt container and free handed the rest (10 minutes, so easy!).

I used a paint pen to jazz up an old bucket we had, for use as a mud mixing bucket.

Here's what's stored inside the container/stove.

Cheap and unwanted cookware. A little thrift store pan, small bread loaf, heart pan and old pan from a toaster oven we no longer have (works perfect for square pie pan). Also have a few utensils for stirring and spreading.

Now, this does get's mud! So, we set up our station on our back patio near the garden hose. This way we can hose everything off (including my girl) before returning indoors.

We have a bucket of dirt (you can use potting soil or dirt right from your yard), an empty bucket for whatever and a big bucket full of water (with a cup inside for pouring).

Next, we grabbed some ingredients/decorations from the yard- various flowers, grass.

Let's get mixin'!

Fudge brownies?

 or a fancy cake?

Busy little hands baking up a storm.

Official food critic.
He seems put off.
He's a DOG, what does he know about fine culinary masterpieces? Psht!

 Smelling and saying "Yummers, almost done!"

The aftermath...yep, it's dirty.

Easily hosed off...

Back on the bench for next time
(when Daddy takes his turn in the mud)!


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