Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's Spill Milk!

It Looked Like Spilt Milk, by Charles Shaw. I found this story inside a classroom literature book we picked up for cheap & was inspired.  If you see any classroom literature books (usually discarded from schools & in thrift stores), grab them! They most always contain award winning children's literature/shorts this one. A creative read on clouds and how they can appear to be different things.

I thought it would be fun to take this book literal and spill some milk as we read the story and studied the clouds.

So, we got a cookie sheet and a little cup of milk lined up outside. She knew right what to do & dumped it out before I could even ask her to (a natural mess maker).

Is it spilt milk, or is it a whale spouting water?
I loved that the milk poured out into something she could really identify!

It sometimes looked like spilt milk, but it wasn't spilt milk.
The story goes through all the things that this 'white matter' looked like...and in the end,
they were all identified as clouds.

We took time to lay down and look up at the clouds.
She told me that milk was up high in the sky. It does look like milk up there, doesn't it?
What else do you see?

Next, we made cotton ball clouds. Blue construction paper for the sky, cotton balls and glue.

It was a VERY cloudy day at our house..big heaps of clouds.

We loved this little project study, it was so much fun & it's something we plan to do again

You can find this book at your library or on Amazon, I highly recommend this activity.


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