Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paint Chips!

We've been focusing on color lately - the different hues. Here's a great color matching game using free paint chips! This cost me $1(for the clothespins) and it was super fast to make.

Grab free paint chips from your local home improvement store. You can ask the person at the paint counter and they'll let you look through the 'recycle bin' of samples. Otherwise, you can take from the samples on display.

Get two of each color- in our case I had 12 total paint chip samples. Use 6 for cutting and the remaining 6  for use with the clothespins. Eventually I'll glue the squares on top of each clothespin, but for right now my girl just places the clothespins on top of the corresponding color (instead of clipping them on the paint chip cards).
I also plan to laminate the cards so they keep in good shape and last longer.

There are lots of things to do with free paint chips. Last year we made these Valentines for friends. We used stamps, hole punch and ribbon then we tied them to festive suckers.

Another easy thing is to make them into bookmarks. We plan to do this with the leftover scraps from the color match game. A hole punch and some ribbon, easy enough! You could even stamp them or use a creative shape punch - make them for family/friends. This picture is  from Kitschy-koo, and there's a good tutorial there (if you even need one!).

Also, all sorts of creative banners can be made with them too! Check out this easy tutorial from Paisley Cupcake. How cute for a birthday party, any festive gathering or even a simple banner decoration for room/nursery. 


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