Wednesday, August 3, 2011

S i t !

A few weeks ago I found these two little pieces of furniture. A mini foot rest $4 and a wood stool $3...they were just beggin' for a makeover.

Here's the BEFORE footrest. Lovely, eh?

Nice gams, just need a little love.

Take the legs off, decide on leftover fabric (spotted Owl by Alexander Henry)

Staple fabric to cushion. You can tell I'm not a pro, but hey- it works out in the end!

I used cardboard backing to cover staples & glued it on  with Elmer's All Purpose. Once placed, I added heavy books on top & let it sit for an hour.

Spray painted those gams, leftover yellow! Screwed legs back on.
Now, put your feet up and relax!

Here's the lil' wood stool I did. This is the top of the stool BEFORE photo (you can see some surface damage).

Taped up and gave the top a shiny coat of Krylon 'Ivy leaf'.

Printed out large bold letters on card stock paper. Used an exacto knife to cut out/make stencil. Taped stencil to top of stool & spray painted Krylon Ivory (2 coats). I then touched up with a paint pen and gave it  a clear protective gloss coat.

 I don't think I spent more than 2 hours on both seats together. I take lots of short cuts and don't always do things the most professional, careful way...but hey, that's only because I'm clinically impatient! 


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