Monday, August 22, 2011

Filter Flowers

I realized that our interior windows needed a good I enlisted the help of my tot. It's funny, she thinks this 'cleaning business' is fun! I heard a nasty rumour that this phase will not last long.
What goes great with a squeaky clean window? Why artwork that streams light, of course!
Last year we did some wax crayon hearts that worked great (here) , but today we needed something simple and fast.

So, we drug out daddy's coffee filters, grabbed some water colors and markers.
I'm sure bleached coffee filters (white) would work better, but we used what we had on hand...unbleached.

Let them dry....

Tape 'em up to a window or on glass door & enjoy.

We also grabbed some window markers to make grass, stems, leaves...

and lots and lots of crazy weeds and grass...

the packaging indicates the window markers will wipe off easily...we shall see, but for now---we enjoy the purdy flowers.


Brooke said...

How Cute! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm loving yours! Great post. I'll have to check into these markers. My kiddo would love this :o) Take Care!

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