Monday, August 8, 2011

Easy Flower Suncatchers!

Since all we have is hot, hot sun...and dying flowers in the heat of this August, I thought this would be a great project.  Snip the last of the blooms before they fry & make something beautiful for the eye.

Collect flowers from around your yard, your neighbors yard (ask permission first...or collect in the dark of night unseen), or from nearby parks.

As you can see, the day lilies are goin' south in the hot, hot sun!

Next, find a box to reuse/recycle. Ours just happens to be an empty (too bad) box of ice cream sammis. Get some clear contact paper. Cut a square opening in your box. 

Next, place contact paper over window opening (sticky side out). Start pressing down your flowers. For this, I just let my tot go to town on her own.

Next, place another piece of contact paper over the flowers (sticky side down), to seal them in.
Lastly, hold them up to the window....enjoy!

You can tie a ribbon on them and hang, do variations on the frame (heart frame, paper plate circle frames, do mosaic designs, lots of different spins...)

My girl really loved this project & is super-excited to give one to her Grandma!

We used the leftover flowers in a press that I inherited from my grandmother. Results TBD, as this is the first time I've used one.

Here's a good tutorial on how to make your own press from Elle Belle.  


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