Monday, March 21, 2011

Let the Music Play!

You don't have to be Barney, KinderMusik or Bono to involve music in your child's life.

I won't re-write a bunch of stuff on how fundamental music is for development's already been thoroughly written about.  If you want to read about it click HERE or HERE or HERE, some great write-ups and helpful tips all over the place.

We have some children's instruments (a floor tom, bongos, wood xylophone, sand blocks...) Our favorite place to purchase professional quality children's instruments  (lasts for years) has been  Groth Music, great prices and great customer service too. For my girls 2nd birthday, we had a jam session with her friends. It was so much fun!

What's even more fun? Here's an economical and FREE way to jam with your tot & learn that other things can make music too!  

Rubber bands and boxes for easily made guitars. This was fun and super easy to do. Here's a tutorial on how to make this easy rubber band guitar. You can use any kind of box really, not just a Kleenex box.

The Tone Ranger!
Fill glasses up with different levels of water for an assortment of tones. If you do this one, you have to really teach your tot to strike gently, it's a great skill to practice together. My girl loved this she tries it at the dinner table on our glasses of milk (ruh-roh). :)

We made this rain stick/shaker from an egg carton. Just put buttons or dried beans inside  and tape it shut (make sure you use a strong tape, like packing tape or duct tape). My girl is interested in how the buttons fall between each slot and she likes to watch them all collect at the bottom (after lots of shaking, of course). So in this case, a clear egg carton works well. Just about any container will do for making a great shaker.

And let's not forget the classic pots and pans for drums!

Check out this great site/ link for a list and easy instructions on different kinds of DIY instruments.

We really like Kindermusik, but the classes are pricey. So, we found some Kindermusik CD's and books on Ebay and Craigslist & we use them at home with friends (we also pass them back and forth between  us). The library is a GREAT resource for free  music program books & CD's too. I like this format because they incorporate a story, the music/lyrics, the action/movement instruction, and often a coordinating craft as well.

It's easy to make a music time/class slot at home - together once a week or more if your time allows (doesn't take much time at all!). I think the benefits are pretty big, plus it's great for bonding/ creating fun memories together!

We also listen to a lot of music at home as well (aside from banging on pots and pans)... in the background at home or in the car. Not just kid music, but mom and dad music too!

One of our favorite children's albums is Ziggy Marley's Family Time, and we love the entire  World Playground series of music . We also love Cedarmont Kids Toddler Bible Songs. Lots of variety is a good thing and there are so many great children's albums out now (that are liked by parents too...not cringe worthy).

Happy music making!


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