Thursday, July 12, 2012

$2 Butterfly Garden

How many times have you passed up these $1 boxes of wildflowers? You see them everywhere, Target, Walgreens, Dollar Store...

Well, we finally decided to give them a 'go'. I wasn't expecting much.

My girl really loves flowers and she especially loves dragonflies and butterflies. I decided that her own butterfly garden would be in order for this summer/fall.

We cleared a spot in the back, around the gladiolas that were already starting to sprout.

Then we spread (or rather dumped) the seed all over & stomped it in. By the look of the contents of the box, I decided to be happy if 1 or 2 flowers came up.

Water, water, water...
Within three days...sprouts! (Beginning of June)

In about 4 weeks, we have several blooms!

They are attracting a few butterflies here and there and more than anything, my girl loves to give them away or display them indoors.

Certainly not the plethora of wildflowers as displayed on the box, but happy with the quantity and variety for $2!


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