Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Fairy House

I took my daughter to a very cool garden attraction a few weeks ago, they had fairy houses on display. There were a variety of them made from natural materials, nestled in next to trees and flowers. They were very elaborate and she was amazed. For my local friends, this was at Powell Gardens.

Ever since, she's been asking me if we could have a fairy house too. Hmmm...

Made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased a paper board house ($2.99) and a bag of sea shells for $3. The rest of the materials we used were 'on hand' random stuff.

We collected twigs, flowers, leaves and some bark.

This is where it gets messy, folks!

Since this house would be outside, I coated it in decoupage - which creates a seal to protect it from water. It also acts as a glue...very sticky goo glue.

while she was busy sticking stuff on, I made a lil' table and chairs. We had these extra wooden knob pulls and wheel things (we got from Hobby Lobby last year and they are $1-$2).

Table above, just glued two pieces together with some leaves in the middle.

Painted 'chairs' with paint pen.

We let it dry (while we made/ate lunch).
Next step was to find a place to put it. This might make the perfect home...

The rest of our 'random stuff' and an interested on-looker!

We decided a pool was in order for this house. A simple plastic bowl.

Placing shells

Added water to the pool and with different colors of glitter.

She had fun decorating the grounds...making walkways with shells and stones, adding birds and rabbits. We even planted a few of our zinnias in the back.

         We then decided to hide it in a special location...

So much fun and she can't wait until the fairies visit it!


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