Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flying Rabbits & a Fox Kissing Porcupine!

I ran across Children Inspire Design the other day and completely fell in love with their FREE pritnables. They have a lot of great ones (checklists, charts, inspirational prints, crafts), but my favorite is 'Woodland Friends'.

So, we printed them out and made a couple lil' projects with them. First, we did a cut-n-paste project. Click here for the free Woodland Friends printables. Click here for the free forest background we used.

When finished, we popped them in a hinged frame to display in our entryway. This hangs at my tots height, so she can enjoy her work as well.
We purchased the hinged frame at Target for $12.
It's super easy to rotate artwork and it looks professionally mounted!


I then decided these printables were just too cute (and...uhm, free) to do just one project with them. So, we made a puppet theatre and puppets ($0).  

I laminated the characters and hot glued them to craft sticks.

I used this empty box (which once held my $24 Walmart laminator, which works wonderfully). You could use any box really, diaper boxes, shipping boxes...

Using craft paper, glue and the free printables from Children Inspire Design, we assembled our theatre. We also used this free coloring sheet pritnable (tree in front with owl) from super coloring.

This is especially fun since it's a puppet theatre that my girl can manipulate and watch at the same time.

There was a flying rabbit and a fox kissing porcupine, a long with other woodland antics.
It was a great show!

p.s. We also did the free Sea Life cut-n-paste too!
This would be cute as a puppet theatre too, with ocean themed elements.


Rebecca Peragine said...

I love it!!!!! You did such a fantastic job- thanks for getting use out of the free printables:)

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